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Graphic Bear Pride Necklace

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Just arrived are these fantastic high-polish pewter pendant necklaces! Featuring a deep resin inlay design, this necklace offers both a solid feel and weight plus an incredible look. Strung on a waxed cotton cord, this necklace is adjustable to 26 inches, making it a perfect fit for anybody!

Pendant size 1 1/8" x 9/16" , 1/8" deep. Pendants are lead nickel free and comply with the latest EEC directives on nickel.


Bear Flag History:


Early in 1996, A man by the name of Craig Byrnes began presenting Washington,DC area clubs and organizations with a new flag, The International Bear Brotherhood Flag.

As a member of the Chesapeak Bay Bears (CBB), Craig had become involved with first-hand experience of the growing bear movement. In the late 80's, Craig thought it might be fitting to design a flag that would best represent the bear community (since therewas no official bear flag) Craig was encouraged by his ex-hubby Bob Nicholson, an Alumni Member of the District of Columbia Bear Club (DCBC).

Bob bought a deluxe box of crayons for Craig's birthday, and Craig began his search of suitable colors for his flag. Craig constructed the original flag drawing from the colors he selected. After scanning the drawing, Craig enlisted DCBC member Paul Witzkoske to create four computer-generated templates from the original artwork made in crayon from which the four variations were sewing machine constructed of lining material. Bob spent several hours on a sewing machine making the first set of 3' x 5' flags out of simple lining material. Craig won approval to display the four prototype flags at the CBB Bears of Summer events in July of 1995. Bears were asked to put a quarter in the appropriate box to indicate which flag they thought would best represent the bear community and the proceeds were donated to CBB to add to its AIDS fundraising collections.

The winning design is a field of simple horizontal stripes with a paw print in the upper left corner,a layout familiar to anyone who has seen the Leather Pride Flag. The colors represent the fur colors and nationalities of bears throughout the world and was designed with inclusivity in mind.



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